GPI Launch

Monday, July 24, 2017 - 10:49

What is Geoprecision Technologies Incorporated?

We are here to provide a comprehensive solution towards automotive security. 

As we bring ourselves and our business on the road each day, we are faced with different factors beyond our control: traffic situations, road conditions, driver's physical and mental state, regulations and other people and vehicles that are on the road as well. Everyday is a hustle and bustle of different scenarios and conditions. 

What does this mean?

Schedules become unreliable and there is an increased risk in security on the road. 

Given this, we are here to bring together advance technology with a reliable solution to make our drive more safe and reliable each day. With our GPS solutions, you are able to see your vehicle status real-time and know exactly where it is. Our automotive security solutions provides video recordings of on the road activities. Integrating these two solutions can bring together a seamless security for each of your vehicle giving you peace of mind anytime and anywhere.





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